KODAK PRINERGY VME with Managed Services shifts your on-premise workflow IT infrastructure onto a virtual machine environment and then manages it for you using state-of-the-art technology. Moving to Kodak’s hosted, virtualized environment frees you from the costs and constraints of system administration, provides you with iron-clad security for your workflow and your customer data, and provides ease of upgrades and real-time analytics that continually improve performance over time.

Secure your system
Your workflow servers are the heart of your business. Backed by Microsoft Azure’s $1B+ investment in security and R&D, you automatically benefit from multi-layered security that protects your assets, 24/7/365.

Upgrade on demand
You’ll have immediate access to upgrades as soon as they are available. In addition, real-time analytics enable Kodak to constantly improve service delivery to improve effectiveness and efficiency.

Reduce cost of ownership
Moving to a hosted environment eliminates the need for local hardware and additional upgrade charges. It also enables you to deploy your on-staff IT professionals to focus on other important projects.

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